CreditGuard’s White Label Solution

A sophisticated fraud prevention tool

CreditGuard is using its internally developed fraud prevention tool. This flexible system consists of multiple fraud filters, vectors, parameters and attributes that can be easily adjusted by acquirer’s fraud management team. The acquirer can apply different white lists, block lists and various settings to address unique needs of different MCC’s regions etc

An elaborated Tokenization solution

CreditGuards Tokenization solution enables merchants to provide their customers with a One-Click solution for recurring payments and/or revisiting card holders. Our tokenization solution is easy to implement and integrate with ERP, Billing systems, accounting applications etc.

3D Secure capabilities

CreditGuard enables users to define which transactions should be sent to secured verification by Visa/MC and manages the traffic accordingly. When managing the traffic we operate in 2 modes:

Direct the transactions according to the 3D result based on a predefined decision table

Send the 3D verification process result to the acquirer/PSP/Merchant and decide how to continue the process

A Risk Monitoring platform

CreditGuards Risk Monitoring system is a state of the art Data Warehouse tool that enables acquirers to monitor and manage their merchants’ activity and assure compliance thresholds are never breached. The system accumulates all the fraud related data, such as CHB, F2S files etc., from the schemes and other relevant resources, extracts the data and analyze it based on the schemes best practices. Data is presented in a dashboard format to help detect problems easily.